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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where "Habena" is the keyword...

Ever since I landed in Kolkata, the most frequent word I hear is "Habena" - means not possible:)) Who says impossible is a word written in fools dictionary - it is here; adopted by the young and the old; the wise and the ignorant; the rich and the poor - alike. Now, this is not a Kolkata phenomenon alone, the whole nation rides by this doctrine. You go to a govt. office, the first response is "this will not work". If you are desperate and don't have enough time, then you go and offer bribe money and get things done. I feel the basis behind this "habena" business is "pay me under the table then I will make it happen". It is frustrating yet there is a silver lining to it. We can change it if all of us act together. Be persistent, ask for the rule book, ask for the complaint number, ask more questions and refuse bribe.

I will give a positive example here. When I shifted to my official accommodation, I asked for an extra light point in the room that I planned to make my office. The electrician as usual said "habena". I asked him why? He said coyly, because the light points are very far off and there is no scope. Then I showed him a point nearby and asked him to draw wires from there. The next explanation he gave me was since no one has it in this entire complex, you should also not have it. Then I said, why can't I be the first one to have it? Then he thought for a while and said he will do it and finally did it also :-D

Now, I am working on a project (Not my real work project, but a silly one), where I have to get my gas connection agency transferred to a newer location. The gas connection is in my husbands name. The earlier agency gave a transfer letter in his presence, with all the requisite documents. But the new agency will not accept the letter stating that "the person has to come personally". Now what is the rationale? Is it that you fear I get a connection which is in someone else's name? How is it possible? The person stays in this household as evident by the postal address proof. Person 'X' living in house 'A' can only transfer the gas to house A. So where is the scope of fraud here? If fraud is the only objective, then in this internet era, one can skype, get the digital signature and get it done...

I am in  the middle of this, amidst my grant deadlines, my paper deadlines, students projects, research  problems and host of other issues to get the gas connection transferred to my new location - where it rightfully belongs. In my todo list the next thing is to get to know the rule, call the main head office and find out if there are any exceptions and the last but not the least is to file an RTI to know if they have transferred any connection line in absence of the person concerned...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nutritive value of goat meat

Goat meat has been established as a lean meat with favorable nutritional qualities, and it’s an ideal choice for the health-conscious consumer. lets compare the nutrient values of prepared goat meat, chicken, and other red meats consumed in the United States.

lets see the nutrient composition of goat meat and other meats....

Saturated fat(g)
Protein (g)
Cholesterol (mg)

Goat meat is lower in calories, total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than traditional meats. Less saturated and less cholesterol meat is the healthy food, moreover goat meat have higher levels of iron comparing to beef, chicken and pork. It contains the potassium content with lower sodium levels, the amino acid levels the goat meat resembles to that of beef and lamb.
Iron value (mg)
Goat meat

Health benefits:
The nutritive value of the goat meat is increasing in health management of the people today. The amount of saturated fat in goat meat is less than the total amount of unsaturated fats, which may be important in human nutrition. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are in liquid form at room temperature, are known to decrease the risk for heart disease and stroke.
            Less saturated fats and relatively high proportion of unsaturated fats makes a goat meat as good healthy meal. The good fats (unsaturated fats)  improve the blood cholesterol levels, ease in inflammation, stabilize the heart rhythms, plays many beneficial roles.
Based on the research they have found that the goat meat helps to lowers the blood cholesterol and reduces the risk for arthrosclerosis and coronary heart disease and the goat meat can be included in the healthy human diet.

Some basic cookery rules:
1.      Cook the goat meat at low temperatures due to its low-fat content and lack of marbling (small streaks of muscles found within the muscle) the goat meat can loosen the moisture and toughen quickly if it is cooked at high temperature.
2.      Cook the goat meat with the moisture.
3.      Next is as usual can add the marinade on the meat before cooking and cook with moist heat such as stewing.
i  think these tips are useful to have a healthy life and can create awareness by not having McDonald's chicken burger or KFC chicken 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Students should take play a good role in politics....

I don’t like the student politics, mainly the students who ruin their future by doing politics. But now student politics is a big and serious issue. We are shameful that Bengal is mostly affected by this. Students enter in the college taking with their colorful dream but we have seen that many students lose their lives foolishly. If we saw few months back, we have seen that many people specially young ones had been injured and died also. Now a days colleges are politically charged, students gherao-ed teachers, principals, blocked colleges main gate etc. As a result it mainly hampers the education.
Today our country is waiting for young and honest leaders to rule them. We want to see our country as a well developed country. We want young leaders who will not get corrupted and use technology to develop a newer and better country. Let us make our nation educated. If the young students see the politics in a right sense, then student politics is never hindrance to education. It helps the students to actively participate in nation building and is never in conflict with education. Students from across the various state should be engaged in a number of discussions and seminars such as including the current status of higher education, the status of education of rural areas and villages etc. So I believe it is a young and educated leader who can understand and change our corrupt society for a better tomorrow and we can try to achieve it through non-violence. Let us strive for our Happiness and peace but in the process that not harm each other.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't Gossip


Remember, people who gossip with you will also gossip about you in your absence.
Gossiping and lying are closely related. A gossip listens in haste and repeats at leisure. A gossip never minds his own business because he has neither a mind nor a business. A gossip is more concerned about what he overhears than what he hears. Gossip is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves nothing unsaid.

Someone said it well: “Small people talk about other people, mediocre people talk about things, great people talk about ideas.”

Gossip can lead to slander and defamation of character. People who listen to gossip are as guilty as those who do the gossiping.

A gossip usually gets caught in his own mouth trap. Gossip has no respect for justice. It breaks hearts, it ruins lives, it is cunning and malicious. It victimizes the helpless. Gossip is hard to track down because it has no face or name. It tarnishes reputations, topples government, wrecks marriages, ruins careers, makes the innocent cry, causes heartaches and sleepless nights. The next time you indulge in gossip, ask yourself.

  • ·         Is it the truth?
  • ·         Is it kind and gentle?
  • ·         Is it necessary?
  • ·         Am I spreading rumors?
  • ·         Do I say positive things about others?
  • ·         Do I enjoy and encourage others to spread rumors?
  • ·         Does my conversation begin with, “Don’t tell anyone?”
  • ·         Can I maintain confidentially?

Refrain from indulging in gossip. Remember, small talk comes out of big mouths.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

this is the poem which i wrote in 11th class for mother'sday and came on newspaper

Mother a beautiful relation in this world, the smile of her changes our mood even when we are depressed or sad, daily the smile at her face is precious and priceless, she gives her shoulder all the time especially in our bad times and at good times, angel she grants all our wishes from childhood to till now, the way she hugs all the emptiness run away from us, she is the one she makes the roti for us and serve with love, she is the one hold our hands and made us to walk, now also still am safe, least bothered bcoz she is there with us in all the time, this is dedicated to all mothers in this world....