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Monday, December 29, 2014

Set your priorities - reset your goals

Recently I went to one of our old students meetings events in Bhubaneswar. There were great invited speakers, one of the speakers was from Commerce stream of Utkal University Dr. Bal. Over so many years, he has not lost the ability to enchant students by his flowing smooth conversations. He told us a story and I want to retell it here. It goes like this...

A man often thought he was sick. He would complain about abdominal pain, chest pain etc and frequent a doctor. Doctor - a very knowledgeable person was very patient with him. He would sit with him listen to him order tests and finally would tell him that nothing is wrong with him. However, this continued. One day the man again visits the doctor and seeks help. The doctor this time wrote 4 prescriptions and asked him to read on his way to a sea beach resort. The first one should be read in the morning, next one in the noon, third one in after noon and fourth one in the evening. The man was very eager and morning 6 AM before starting his journey to sea beach he opened the first one. It read 2 words - "Listen carefully". He was disappointed by the prescription but decided to follow doctors instructions nevertheless. He focused on listening. On his way he heard the sound of birds, the sound of wind, sound of insects and many more things that he failed to pay attention to. He was actually delighted that he actually heard so many new things. Eager as he was, before the noon time starts, he opened his second prescription that read "look back". All these years he never stopped and looked back. Now he focused on thinking about all the good things that happened to him in last few years. Many of them were great lessons that he had already forgotten. Many were pleasant memories,  many were true happiness. He did not realize the time passed by and it was already time to open the third prescription. The third one also read 2 words "redefine goal". He thought about it and was trying rationalize the goals he was working on. Slowly none of that made any sense to him, He started thinking about the purpose of his life. Purpose of life is not just to come earn money live for yourself alone. It is much more. Giving back is something that he never thought about before, now he started thinking about it seriously. He felt very good about it. Then it was already the time for opening the 4th prescription. By this time he was already sitting by the beach. As he opened the prescription, it says "write your worries on sand". He followed the instruction and started writing all his worries on the sand. It took him 1 hour to write the entire thing. But there came a big wave and wiped out everything he wrote in few seconds. There he got the biggest lesson in life. Worries are only as good as we think about them. They have no value absolutely. What matters most is to pause, redefine our goals, search for the right things that truly defines us. Everyone is unique. Comparing with the other person or acting like another person does not actually work. Always thinking about problems leads to un-necessary health worries.. There he learnt a great lesson in life. Hope you all enjoyed reading it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A sudden desire to post something here..

It has been quite sometime since I blogged last. All my sites including twitter is now stagnating with a big pause. There is no particular reason for it, but I guess too many distractions are going on now.

I noticed few changes in the way I think now and decided to blog.

One of them is....

Today when I entered the lab, I saw a message by Deeksha on the board saying that she will miss the lab. Yeah, she is going to be away for few months. Then tomorrow another student will be away for one and half months on vacation. Now already three students are away for a conference. The lab suddenly seems empty. Now I recall the day I joined and asked for a room, all that I got is this 250 sq. ft lab. We had to sit here work here, keep our equipment here. Then I really longed for a small personal space. Now 2 years on, I dont think I want to have a personal place. I am so used to sit with the students, and started liking it. Now I dont think I will like a personal space anymore...

The other one is...

I read an article today where someone (an actor) is complaining that people dont give her any importance. Had it been few years back, I would have been really empathetic towards her and would have concurred with her thought about this. But now, contrary to that, the immediate thought was how can she think what people should do or not do rather than what she can do for herself. I think this is a very significant thing. The way we think many times is always what others should have done to make our lives easier. We never think what we can do in a given situation to make things better for us. This leads to victim-hood mentality. Frequent complaining, passing on the blames to others is part of this and often leads to failure in life. Contrary to that, staying appreciative to what you have, and working around the problem often helps out to a large extent. We forget that we have no control over others hence feeling miserable about what others should do will not help. Rather finding a way to change ourselves in a given situation will solve  our problems.

So to say, I am really very happy that my thoughts have now changed :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

sleepless night

Now  the time is 4.00 am  at  Calcutta, feeling hard to sleep and tossing myself in my bed and closing my eyes tightly and trying to sleep, but couldn't , the reason may be am going to be away from my lab after one year, usually my routine is from morning 10.30 to night 9 or 10 Pm i stay in my lab though my PI is also not strict or forcing me to stay in lab , since mine is computational biology, i can work from anywhere, for that also i have a full permission from my mentor still i feel full-fledged to complete my given task at my lab @computational biology and Genomics lab ,IICB . for the past one year  i didn't take any leave i work in all the days even during the most famous durga pooja , being attentive at IICB learnt many things , now i have completed my coursework  part in my Phd i feel that am half way through, some times i feel iritating about the asignments, and boring classes and hard part is exams still i took it in a sportive way and the good thing about the coursework is i came to know many colleague who work in different areas and got so many friends in my facebook list also, my masters and bachelor was purely bioinformatics i knew very few things in biology , during coursework i learnt so many new-things it was really a basic knowledge but it was very useful and essential for me, firstly i learnt the principles of many apparatus how it works such as gel electrophoresis, SDS, confocal microscopy, staining techniques, western blot and it made me to think , the very basic and common methods we use in research i learnt from there, such as statistics, etc .... then successfully completed my 1st sem of my coursework , once i entered into my 2nd sem i learnt little higher things such as signaling pathways how it can be blocked and approaches, genome sequencing , genomics etc ... i also have some of the favorite teachers who thought me, i really enjoyed my 2nd semester since it has less number of subjects, there i learnt how to become a good scientific learner,  given many assignments and submitted within the given time, also managed to work in lab within my deadline , gave many seminars though some of them really went good, and many of them were unsatisfied , In structural biology and bioinformatics we have journal club also i really came forward to organize many of my lab-mates felt as a headache still i went forward so that i can manage to do multitasking, i keep myself busy in doing my stuff,  and i did some household things in my lab such as taking care of purchases, cleaning, defrosting  the fridge and maintaining the cleanliness, and taking care of one of the prestigious server we have that is corona with 48TB RAM and 4 compute nodes with 16 processors in each node , fortunately whenever we had a power-shutdown or any problem with the server i was there to maintain , and i really care for my server since all our data's are there and tats like our gold mine, i really dontwant to talk about other labs here, i want to comment about my lab is all my lab members patiently bared with me and they full-fill all my wishes eating pizza, giving me chai party, helping me in programming and troubleshooting my problems, professionally we all are healthy friends no ego's  and simple life living researchers , moreover my lab is like my home i have all my belongings over there , i make maggi and green tea whenever am tired and hungry and shops are closed, though am away from my home i celebrated rakshabandan, friendship day, independence day, ganesh pooja, saraswati pooja with my labmates and got so many cadbury's also and i shared with all. am really very far from my home though no home-sicks managed myself and my family is also very co-operative and really they helped in all my times, Now its time to spend my time with my family am going for my vacation once i think that i will be away from my lab, first thing comes in my mind is all my work will get postponed and i miss my second home that is my lab @IICB though i will be at home still planning to work for at-least 2 hours per day so that i can complete atleast some part of my work and save time, though many people will think that its not right, but i believe in hard-work its the best time for learning and achieving, i believe in the quotes that Today's hard-work is tomorrow's fruit , and would like to mention here that i had to apply for my passport as my Duty i did, police verification also done at my place where i live now and the police shamelessly got bribe and went, i have paid since he is demanding, still the passport office have hold my passport i was not aware about this once i checked my status came to know then i went regional passport office and enquired i was thinking that since i was not in my permanent place during verification so dint get passport but at my place they are so loyal they dint ask for bribe and they mentioned in the paper that candidate was residing here and now studying at calcutta, but the kolkata police took a bribe also and i have shown all my proofs he is unable to understand english i guess he dint fill the clearence form and gave empty one to regional passport office and the officers showed me i have seen by myself i feel like blasting at him i told them am going home i will not be here for month explained my case they considered and undstood my situation and they said no need of verification at permanent they have cleared and asked me to meet them once i come back from home since i can again start the verification when i come back , the good people also there very nice to know this and  i have many things to share since dontwant to make very long essay i will stop with this.... and will be missing my lab days and IICB very MuCh.... i thank my Mentor for giving me  this opportunity.....