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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Remembering my homeless day 5 years back today

I am remembering this day today 5 years back when I was literally homeless (rather we were homeless). It was 4th of July 2012, the independence day of USA when people enjoy a day off and a long weekend. In our community (Ruidosa Ridge), there was a small celebration where they usually block the traffic where children parade. We were most of the time onlookers through our large front windows. Suddenly we saw a SUV pulled off few meters away from our home. The man and his family got down off the SUV, of course we know them, they are the people who bought our home for a throw away price!! In case you want to take peek here is the image that we took ourself!,-Arlington,-TX-76002_rb/?fromHomePage=true&shouldFireSellPageImplicitClaimGA=false&fromHomePageTab=buy They are a nice Vietnamese family. We signed the documents on 25th June 2012 and the condition was we would stay there 10 more days in the house. We thought may be he dropped to enjoy the independence day parade in the community. He came inside the house and sat with no signs of going out. Our home almost empty except for few items that we would need to sustain our self for another month in the country. He and his kids came and he ordered his older kids to sit on the couch saying "Go sit on your sofa". I was like ?!!!! Then at 9 AM they blocked the traffic in front of our house for the annual parade. He sits and tells us you can take your time to vacate. We were like, was it not suppose to be tomorrow?! As per our calculation, July 5th should be the 10th day. In any case, since he bought the house, we have nothing to say in this scenario. We immediately booked a hotel near by and planned to move and told him that we will leave for the hotel after sometime. His youngest was 2 years old and was crying for food, at that point instead of going back, he called his wife and asked her to bring the food. We looked at each others face and realized that he is determined to evacuate us on that particular hour!! The milk was still boiling on the gas stove and we were still sipping hot tea. Then we sprang to our feet and began preparing for evacuation on a war footing! We packed whatever we could, rest we dumped on the dumping place in front. At that time the traffic curb had been lifted, parade was over. It was approximately 10 AM in the morning. I poured hot tea into the flask and rest all in the back of the car. Off we left for the hotel... Hotel was just 10 minutes away. Hotel guy said check in time is at 2 PM and since it was a holiday they were packed, cant take us early! We roamed with the luggage at the back of the car from hotel to hotel, and all the hotels had the same story.... Finally after 2 hours of roaming, we found one that allowed us a check in at 12 PM, and there we went. The next day was a long day for me because I had to leave for Virginia for the annual OMGN workshop, so it was essential that I take some break and PREPARE for the workshop. Thank god it is over and thank god for the 2 hours homelessness. It teaches you the value of a shelter.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Keeping yourself fit 1 year of journey of fitness

The reason am writing this blog is people at work and in my institute regularly ask me how I maintain my fitness? since when i started this journey i was weighing 96kgs in december 2016 now I came down to 79 Kgs and people enquire me about the journey which I had come, i always try to tell them and motivate them, some people ask for the tips, diets and exercises which I follow, I had PCO's that problem also got solved because of my routine. In short I will share my routine , it will be useful for someone those who are trying hard to get fit, Am still on my way I have to go long way to reach my goal. I went for swimming as well, I learnt swimming, had a drawback of swimming in chlorinated water makes the hairfall worst, I stopped due to that.

1. In 1 year I ran around 5-6 marathons obviously first 1 was 5 km and i was having heavy breathing, later on when i try running continuously Am able to make it.

2. I started with exercising regularly as a starting point i tried to wake at 7:00 am and walk for 45 mins.

3. Then i started waking at 6 exercise continuously, i started liking running, I have a passion for cycling, on weekends i ride my bicycle for some 10 to 12 Kms.

Other than running the exercises can be done are

1. plancks ( my favourite)

2. Jumbo squats.

3. Crunches.

4. Half push up or full push ups.

5. Leg raising.
This link contains few exercises which can be followed

6. lunges.

Important thing is dont forget to stretch yourself before and after exercises, otherwise it will hurt your muscles, If your running try doing streches.

Food i consumed

1. morning breakfast milk, muesli sometimes i have a boiled egg or omelette along with it or if i get bored I eat egg and bread toast or Upma .

2. Eat some fruits also grapes, oranges, prunes or apples, I compulsory eat 3 dates per day, drink water in empty stomach, while exercising please hydrate urself well otherwise will lead to cramp , I had faced this problem.

3. I have cofee and Tea in between with 2-3 biscuits if am hungry.

4. Lunch I eat 2 roti, chicken or fish and sabji along with curd in canteen since I stay away from home sometimes I take dal as well.

5. During winter I had chance to get fresh green veggies so I just take ( carrot, beans, peas, tamato, broccoli, capsicum, sweet-corn , coriander along with chicken steam piece without chicken also you can eat, for flavour u can add the soup-powder to it ).

6. In summer i prefer eating milk with oats or poha or 2 roti and tadka dal important dinner time is 8.30 to 9 and sleep by 11 or 11.30

7. I eat rice weekly once on Sunday noon. 

These are the steps I have followed to maintain my fitness and get cured from PCO's and Menstrual Cramps.

Have a Healthy body or life , automatically you will get or success in your life, without good health you cant do anything, no use of job or money if  you dont have a healthy body. Hope this blog tries to help everyone those who are trying to loose weight. Good luck and get motivated and motivate others and help others to have a healthy life.