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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Madhu's Acsir guidelines for thesis submission

PhD thesis is a big thing to write and submit. submission is a big event. after submitting we have to follow up at-least weekly thrice otherwise will not be be knowing whats happening with a thesis. we are not aware of guidelines and rules. I learnt certain guidelines in a hard and tough way while submitting my thesis. I am writing it here maybe helpful for people ( but they can change the guideline anytime)

1.  make sure you have your thesis ready before DAC 4 then give DAC 4 ie open colloqium.
2. DAC 4 is the last chance to finalize your thesis title.
3. If your giving new title to your thesis make sure before DAC 4 you give a letter to Dean of Acsir and get it approved for thesis title change.
4. once you are done with DAC 4 after 15 days you can submit your thesis. make sure you to pay thesis submission fee of Rs 5000.
5.  print 2 hard copies of your thesis co-ordinator asks for it.
6. Documents for thesis submission are given below

1. final thesis with pdf (should contain certificate from your PI that should be attached, check format)
2. your passport size photo
3. High school certificate.
4. Acsir semester fee receipts
5. Thesis submission fee receipt
6. Grade card (from coordinator)
7. list of publications.
8. synopsis
9. thesis submission checklist excel file needs to be filled with your passport size photo along with personal details.
10. CSIR 800 project (Date should be before the DAC 4 )
11. Review article ( should not be having identical title as your thesis. date should be before DAC 4)
12. Project proposal ( same as above )
13. DAC 1 report
14. DAC 2 report
15. DAC 3 report
16. DAC 4 report
17. comprehensive report
18. list of examiner ( 8 members  as per present new rule 3 member can be given from same city must be from different institutes, you should not be having publications with examiner, details should be filled from the given format get it signed from PI and coordinator in all the pages)
19. Registration letter

These are the documents  required for thesis submission. make sure you make a PDF of all this and make a zip folder as well as separate folder containing all this and copy in PD and give it to coordinator.

Make sure you don't make any mistakes on titles, name, dates, grades.

In Review Article and project proposal grade should be written as satisfactory or unsatisfactory, don't put any other grades. Make the front page ready.

make sure you don't have any compliance with sem fee confirm you paid all the fee before submission and submit your thesis .

all front pages , excel files are available with me, can be shared upon request.

These are the rules needs to be followed when i submitted my thesis , often change the rules.
Happy thesis submission :)


  1. Thanks Madhu both for the guidelines and posting in the blogsite which was otherwise not functional since a long time!

  2. Thank you Madhu for posting this. Next entry invited from Deeksha and Mayuri on analyzing orbitrap data.