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Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't Gossip


Remember, people who gossip with you will also gossip about you in your absence.
Gossiping and lying are closely related. A gossip listens in haste and repeats at leisure. A gossip never minds his own business because he has neither a mind nor a business. A gossip is more concerned about what he overhears than what he hears. Gossip is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves nothing unsaid.

Someone said it well: “Small people talk about other people, mediocre people talk about things, great people talk about ideas.”

Gossip can lead to slander and defamation of character. People who listen to gossip are as guilty as those who do the gossiping.

A gossip usually gets caught in his own mouth trap. Gossip has no respect for justice. It breaks hearts, it ruins lives, it is cunning and malicious. It victimizes the helpless. Gossip is hard to track down because it has no face or name. It tarnishes reputations, topples government, wrecks marriages, ruins careers, makes the innocent cry, causes heartaches and sleepless nights. The next time you indulge in gossip, ask yourself.

  • ·         Is it the truth?
  • ·         Is it kind and gentle?
  • ·         Is it necessary?
  • ·         Am I spreading rumors?
  • ·         Do I say positive things about others?
  • ·         Do I enjoy and encourage others to spread rumors?
  • ·         Does my conversation begin with, “Don’t tell anyone?”
  • ·         Can I maintain confidentially?

Refrain from indulging in gossip. Remember, small talk comes out of big mouths.


  1. A nice article and very well written one that to! You all rock in writing, I am so proud of you all :))!!

    Judgement is often embedded in gossip and it has many forms. The best way will be to identify it and nip it in bud....

  2. Nice topic and nice explanation....

  3. Fantastic blog Lubna.. but, just for a thought, sometimes gossips between intellectuals create new discoveries! So, can't say you are entirely right, but definitely gossiping irrelevant is something to be discarded... Good job though..

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  5. Gossip is idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others. I am talking about this gossip only so please don't misinterpret Akash.