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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Students should take play a good role in politics....

I don’t like the student politics, mainly the students who ruin their future by doing politics. But now student politics is a big and serious issue. We are shameful that Bengal is mostly affected by this. Students enter in the college taking with their colorful dream but we have seen that many students lose their lives foolishly. If we saw few months back, we have seen that many people specially young ones had been injured and died also. Now a days colleges are politically charged, students gherao-ed teachers, principals, blocked colleges main gate etc. As a result it mainly hampers the education.
Today our country is waiting for young and honest leaders to rule them. We want to see our country as a well developed country. We want young leaders who will not get corrupted and use technology to develop a newer and better country. Let us make our nation educated. If the young students see the politics in a right sense, then student politics is never hindrance to education. It helps the students to actively participate in nation building and is never in conflict with education. Students from across the various state should be engaged in a number of discussions and seminars such as including the current status of higher education, the status of education of rural areas and villages etc. So I believe it is a young and educated leader who can understand and change our corrupt society for a better tomorrow and we can try to achieve it through non-violence. Let us strive for our Happiness and peace but in the process that not harm each other.


  1. Good to see you blogging finally!
    Many students are political in our country, but they are the fountain head of corruptions. In other words go to a college election, you will find, students don't mind mis-utilizing funds. In other words they learn early in their lives on how to be corrupt and do criminal activities, so that they can enter into bigger political arena. To me, the solution lies with training the mindset of a generation to not be shallow and not define themselves with their material possessions.