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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A million heroes!

Aamir Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Amitabh Bachchan, and ofcourse not to forget the bollywood baadshah Shahrukh Khan; they are all heroic figures to atleast a million people! Few of us even worship them, celebrate their birthdays, and go mad to get a glimpse of these sitaare zameen par! Like all others, I also admire these actors but not to a point that makes me go crazy. I admire them because I like their acting skills. But, unlike a crazy teenage fan, now reason for my admiration has changed from looking them as stars to looking them as workers doing their job!

Once I got to listen to an Art of Living preacher; the words which stayed in my mind were “everyone and everyone’s job is equally important in this world; noone or no job can be put above the other”; if sweepers are considered quite low in society then just imagine what difficult situation can arise if all the sweepers in this world goes on a week’s strike; it could lead to some pandemic kind of situation! I know that still we would talk about the superiority of professionals like doctors or for some of us the priests, both of which are worshipped, atleast in India! But are we not aware of the greedy doctors involved in organ thefts or the so called great preacher cum rapist Asaram Bapu!

I guess one shouldn’t be assessed by what profession one belongs to but by how good one does in his/her respective field. In every profession, there are some people who excel, some mediocres and some who bring bad names! In this context, for me every single person is a hero if (s)he does good in his/her respective field; be it a scientist, a sweeper, a driver or a doctor!