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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A sudden desire to post something here..

It has been quite sometime since I blogged last. All my sites including twitter is now stagnating with a big pause. There is no particular reason for it, but I guess too many distractions are going on now.

I noticed few changes in the way I think now and decided to blog.

One of them is....

Today when I entered the lab, I saw a message by Deeksha on the board saying that she will miss the lab. Yeah, she is going to be away for few months. Then tomorrow another student will be away for one and half months on vacation. Now already three students are away for a conference. The lab suddenly seems empty. Now I recall the day I joined and asked for a room, all that I got is this 250 sq. ft lab. We had to sit here work here, keep our equipment here. Then I really longed for a small personal space. Now 2 years on, I dont think I want to have a personal place. I am so used to sit with the students, and started liking it. Now I dont think I will like a personal space anymore...

The other one is...

I read an article today where someone (an actor) is complaining that people dont give her any importance. Had it been few years back, I would have been really empathetic towards her and would have concurred with her thought about this. But now, contrary to that, the immediate thought was how can she think what people should do or not do rather than what she can do for herself. I think this is a very significant thing. The way we think many times is always what others should have done to make our lives easier. We never think what we can do in a given situation to make things better for us. This leads to victim-hood mentality. Frequent complaining, passing on the blames to others is part of this and often leads to failure in life. Contrary to that, staying appreciative to what you have, and working around the problem often helps out to a large extent. We forget that we have no control over others hence feeling miserable about what others should do will not help. Rather finding a way to change ourselves in a given situation will solve  our problems.

So to say, I am really very happy that my thoughts have now changed :)

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