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Monday, December 29, 2014

Set your priorities - reset your goals

Recently I went to one of our old students meetings events in Bhubaneswar. There were great invited speakers, one of the speakers was from Commerce stream of Utkal University Dr. Bal. Over so many years, he has not lost the ability to enchant students by his flowing smooth conversations. He told us a story and I want to retell it here. It goes like this...

A man often thought he was sick. He would complain about abdominal pain, chest pain etc and frequent a doctor. Doctor - a very knowledgeable person was very patient with him. He would sit with him listen to him order tests and finally would tell him that nothing is wrong with him. However, this continued. One day the man again visits the doctor and seeks help. The doctor this time wrote 4 prescriptions and asked him to read on his way to a sea beach resort. The first one should be read in the morning, next one in the noon, third one in after noon and fourth one in the evening. The man was very eager and morning 6 AM before starting his journey to sea beach he opened the first one. It read 2 words - "Listen carefully". He was disappointed by the prescription but decided to follow doctors instructions nevertheless. He focused on listening. On his way he heard the sound of birds, the sound of wind, sound of insects and many more things that he failed to pay attention to. He was actually delighted that he actually heard so many new things. Eager as he was, before the noon time starts, he opened his second prescription that read "look back". All these years he never stopped and looked back. Now he focused on thinking about all the good things that happened to him in last few years. Many of them were great lessons that he had already forgotten. Many were pleasant memories,  many were true happiness. He did not realize the time passed by and it was already time to open the third prescription. The third one also read 2 words "redefine goal". He thought about it and was trying rationalize the goals he was working on. Slowly none of that made any sense to him, He started thinking about the purpose of his life. Purpose of life is not just to come earn money live for yourself alone. It is much more. Giving back is something that he never thought about before, now he started thinking about it seriously. He felt very good about it. Then it was already the time for opening the 4th prescription. By this time he was already sitting by the beach. As he opened the prescription, it says "write your worries on sand". He followed the instruction and started writing all his worries on the sand. It took him 1 hour to write the entire thing. But there came a big wave and wiped out everything he wrote in few seconds. There he got the biggest lesson in life. Worries are only as good as we think about them. They have no value absolutely. What matters most is to pause, redefine our goals, search for the right things that truly defines us. Everyone is unique. Comparing with the other person or acting like another person does not actually work. Always thinking about problems leads to un-necessary health worries.. There he learnt a great lesson in life. Hope you all enjoyed reading it.