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Friday, November 11, 2016

Tips for maintaining the health and especially people with poly-cystic ovary

People Iam among the one those who suffer from poly-cystic ovary (PCO) now a days it has become  common among the young girls and teenagers, I wanna give tip to the person those who have PCO with obese. Iam having this PCO diagnosed from 2012 with irregular Menstrual flow and heavy cramps. I suffered with these problems. I tried many things homeopathy, ramdev medicines, allopathy my treatement started from AIMS and tried the ayurveda nothing helped me . I started to realise that just increasing my weight with acne, nothing else changing. Then I started strictly probing to this issue, from the December 16th  2015, started with the physical activities like morning 1.5 hours exercising and changed my routine become a morning person and stopped eating chocolates, icecream, any fried items, briyani etc . . In the starting some times I couldn't control my taste buds I ate like 2 to 4 spoons not much. Then I strictly followed diet since i see changes in my body shape and i started liking the changes instead of buying or eating the unhealthy foods, I started to treat myself with good running shoes, decent Bicycle, sports Tee note smart watch, participate in marathons categories (5 Km then slowly to 10 Km) [ I was wearing xxl Men's Tee now i wear Women's Large am still on the way to my goal] .Now the main reason am writing here is to help people those who have PCO.

1. Become a morning person.
2 If your overweight no potatoes, fried stuffs, junks and completely stop eating rice ( to see a change very quickly). weekly once Sunday lunch I treat myself with Rice.
3. Eat dates , resins , muesli, steam chicken,  salads , spinach's (not with much pesticide one's) egg, milk[no sugar] and fruits as breakfast, morning start your day with water it's too good I normally drink 400 Ml of water starting from waking up from my bed to till I workout  carry water with you.
4. Have green tea (no sugar) , can have coffee but with less sugar, take stairs and try getting the basic health bands which will motivate you to count the calories you burn, measure your activities, (I basically wear this band and I compete with my cousins and younger brother who are extremely fit try to defeat them in the activity goals).
5. Have your lunch by time, Don't eat the masala gravies, oil and potatoes just fill your stomach , have curd no salt or sugar and if you follow all this you will see the changes, and people in my institute started to ask me what I am doing, I started telling them about my exercises and diets and started getting compliments and many people get inspired started following exercises , they tell me when i meet them.
6.have fruits with you like apple , orange or banana. have puffed rice (chivda in local language) not with the deep fried stuffs.
7. Night dinner strictly should be taken within 8.30 many people ask me don't you feel hungry at late night , I tell them I sleep at 10.30 or 11.
8. unavoidable situations you  can have unhealthy foods not more than 2 spoons or pieces and not daily.
9. I followed all these as a fruitful results lost so much of weight my Menstrual cycle become regular, and heavy pain disappeared get mild pain for an hour and I lie down or take rest for sometime then will be alright, acne also will disappear , you will feel too fresh and look young. you can see the changes and I got motivated and writing this blog to help or motivate people like me.

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